Helping creative business thrive

Problem solving and practical advice for your business.

We have skills and experience in all aspects of planning, starting, expanding and selling small businesses and come with a long list of contacts in a wide range of services. We specialise in working with retail, food, arts, crafts and fashion businesses.

Why would you spend money on business advice when your budget is so tight?

Because we have twenty years of  small business experience and were once exactly where you are today.

Running a business can be overwhelming, confusing and a lot of hard work. Whether you are starting something new or already up and running, it is invaluable to talk to experienced business people. Even one business surgery can re-focus your idea and result in a clear plan of action. Read this useful biz ladies post to learn more.

We can help you:

Write your business plan                                               Target your customer

Get your business off the ground                                 Understand your numbers

Find ways to fund your business                                • Price your product

Improve your sales                                                         Use your strengths

Delegate the things others will do better

Do you have a great business idea?
Up and running but unsure about the next step ?
Let us help you think it through.